Web3 Domains on Solana with AllDomains (w/ Vlad Toni, founder)

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Solfate Podcast

23 days ago

A conversation with Vlad Toni, the founder of AllDomains, a web3 domain platform on Solana.


The conversation covers the background and journey of All Domains, a project that started with the idea of building social primitives on Solana but pivoted to focus on tokenizing web2 domains. The discussion explores the vibrant Solana ecosystem, the advantages of using Solana for domain tokenization, and the potential use cases for domains in Web3. The conversation also touches on the challenges of building an infra product and the ongoing development and integration efforts of All Domains.

In this conversation, Vlad Toni discusses his journey of getting started in Solana and building on the platform. He emphasizes the need for a bigger goal and a long-term vision in the fast-paced crypto space. Vlad also highlights the importance of support and encouragement from the community. He shares his experience of overcoming challenges and the relentless pursuit of building a successful product. The conversation concludes with a discussion about future plans and the unique offering of emoji domains.


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