Evolution of the Keystone Hardware Wallet (feat. Lixin, founder)

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16 days ago

A conversation with Lixin, the founder of Keystone Wallet, an open source hardware wallet that is fully airgapped and has a touchscreen.


The conversation covers the introduction and background of the Lixin, an overview of Keystone wallet, the design philosophy and user experience features of Keystone, the versions and evolution of Keystone.

Lixin discusses his transition into crypto and the development of Keystone, from the early versions of Keystone to their target audience. He even details the integration of Keystone with MetaMask and other wallet providers. The gents discuss how the 3 secure elements and security measures in Keystone, including the device verification and logistics security measures taken by Keystone.

In this conversation, Lixin from Keystone discusses the importance of security in the crypto space and provides recommendations for new users. They emphasize the need for self-custody and the use of hardware wallets to protect assets. Lixin also highlights the significance of security education and the importance of verifying transactions. They mention resources such as security researchers on Twitter and Telegram groups for learning about security. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the evolution of security in different blockchains and the future features and collaborations of Keystone.


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