NeoSwap: Smart auctions for perfect swaps (w/ John Ennis, founder of NeoSwap)

Solfate Podcast
Solfate Podcast

May 14, 2024

A conversation with John Ennis, the founder of NeoSwap, a multi-way trading platform where everyone wins.


NeoSwap is a platform that aims to make assets spendable and provide purchasing power from assets. The idea of multi-way trading, where complex transactions involving assets and money can be facilitated, is at the core of NeoSwap.

The founder, John Ennis, has a background in mathematics, AI, and market research, which led him to develop the NeoSwap algorithm. The algorithm uses solvers and prediction models to optimize trades and maximize utility for all parties involved. NeoSwap has developed products like smart auctions and starter pack finders for gaming (including for StarAtlas), which have shown promising results in improving efficiency and trade volume.

The NeoSwap platform is blockchain-agnostic but has found more success on chains with denser data and on-chain commitments. The conversation explores the choice of Solana as a platform, the promise and durability of Bitcoin, the differences between Solana and Bitcoin cultures, the two-sided war between Ethereum and Bitcoin, and the value of inscriptions on Bitcoin. It also discusses the dangers of fiat currency, the importance of commerce and value exchange, and the vision of NeoSwap for decentralized commerce.


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