Building the first wallet on Solana (feat. Vidor, founder of Solflare)

Solfate Podcast
Solfate Podcast

Dec 05, 2023

A conversations with Vidor, founder and CEO of Solflare.


In this conversation, Vidor, the founder of Solflare, discusses building the wallet and how his past experience across multiple blockchain ecosystems build his strong confidence in Solana.

He shares his background in software development and his exploration of different blockchains before discovering Solana. Vidor highlights the performance and user experience of Solana as a key factor in choosing to build on the network. He also discusses the transition from a fun project to a business and the revenue model of wallets. Vidor concludes by sharing his personal perspective on working on Solflare and the crypto industry.


The performance and user experience of Solana were key factors in choosing to build Solflare on the network. Wallets generate revenue through convenience fees for swaps and by partnering with protocols to bring users and generate volume.

Working on Solflare and in the crypto industry provides a dynamic and exciting environment, but also comes with challenges in fundraising and dealing with people.

Vidor's day-to-day involves a mix of operational, product, and technical meetings, as well as high-level strategic thinking about the future of wallets and self-custody. The future of self-custody is evolving, and there may be different approaches for different types of applications.

Wallets play a crucial role in self-custody, especially for financially heavy applications. Solflare is focused on providing a seamless and user-friendly experience for managing assets on Solana.

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