Dean's List DAO: Services DAO that hosts AthensDAO (feat. Takisoul)

Solfate Podcast
Solfate Podcast

Nov 21, 2023

A conversations with Takisoul (aka Dimitris) about Dean’s List DAO and AthensDAOx.

Dean’s List is a services DAO, meaning their members offer various services to the broader Solana community including detailed product feedback and marketing services.

Dimitris shares the overarching visions that the Dean’s List DAO is perusing, progressing towards a network state of citizens that are able to earn a living wage. With their current members of about 55 people, each is earning an average of +$2k a month this year.

We also talk about some of the logistical concerns for how to manage various aspects of a DAO in the current world. Including who handles payments for non-crypto payments and who manages the social media accounts for a DAO.

AthensDAOx: if you are interested in attending AthensDAOx (in Athens, Greece) on Dec 9-10 2023, you can register for a free ticket here:

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