Bitcoin, tBTC on Solana, and Threshold Network (feat. Matt Luongo,

Solfate Podcast
Solfate Podcast

Dec 12, 2023

A conversations with Matt Luongo, founder and Threshold Network (aka tBTC).


In this conversation, Matt Luongo discusses Threshold Network and tBTC, a cross-chain bridge for Bitcoin. He explains how Threshold Network combines the capabilities of Keep and NuCypher to enable threshold cryptography and custody of ECDSA keys off-chain.

Matt also highlights the role of Bitcoin's scripting language in tBTC and the challenges of bridging Bitcoin to other chains, including Solana. He emphasizes the importance of trust models and settlement times in the tBTC ecosystem. Finally, Matt shares the availability of tBTC on Solana and the potential for expanding Threshold Network to support decentralized custodial escrow systems for various assets.


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