Running and Scaling Solana RPCs (feat. Brian Long, co-founder of Triton)

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Solfate Podcast

Nov 14, 2023

A conversation with Brian Long, co-founder of Triton.

Brian has been in the Solana ecosystem since very early days. Pre-mainnet days. He and his company, Triton One, helped Solana Labs bring up mainnet in March 2020.

Even to this day, Brian and Triton continue to be active contributors to the Solana ecosystem. Not only does Triton operate the public mainnet and devnet RPCs nodes for the public, Linus Kendall from Triton is one of the few active contributors of the DAS API and infrastructure that is vital to compressed NFTs on Solana.

Triton has also been hard at work on improving the Solana RPC Geyser interface with Project Yellowstone. In this umbrella project, the Triton team is focused on several aspects of the Geyser interface to make many improvements. One of those includes Old Faithful, the effort to put the entire Solana history (200TB+ of data) on the IPFS network.

This is especially interesting, not only because Solana produces so much data that grows rapidly every day, but also because it this is being not only theorized by engineers at Triton and Firedancer, but is also a collaboration with Protocol Labs (the creators of IPFS and Filecoin). Multiple Layer 1 blockchains working directly together.

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