Digital Object Tokens x Coca-Cola on Solana (feat. Vito, founder All Art)

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28 days ago

A conversation with Vito, the founder of All Art.

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Vito, co-founder of All Art, shares his journey into the crypto and virtual reality space. He discusses the challenges of payments in virtual reality and the need for instant and low-cost transactions. Vito explains how his team experimented with the Stellar blockchain and the development of their NFT platform. He also highlights the negative perception of NFTs and the impact of media coverage. Vito concludes by discussing the partnership with Coca-Cola and the different approaches of marketing and innovation teams within large companies.

Vito discusses the implementation of blockchain technology within Coca-Cola and the tokenization of various assets. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the problems that clients or partners face and tailoring the technology to solve those specific issues. Vito introduces the concept of Digital Object Tokens (DOT) and the need for standardized metadata to accurately represent real-world assets on the blockchain. He also highlights the challenges of user experience and the importance of collaboration with brands, regulators, and governments to drive adoption and solve key problems in the blockchain space.


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