Fastest blockchain payments on Solana with Sphere Pay (feat. Arnold, co-founder)

Solfate Podcast
Solfate Podcast

Jun 11, 2024

A conversation with Arnold, the co-founder of Sphere (a payments and banking platform on Solana).

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Arnold shares his background and early experiences with crypto, including his journey to building Sphere on the Solana blockchain. He discusses the benefits of blockchain and the pragmatic approach to decentralization. Arnold also emphasizes the importance of understanding history in the context of blockchain. Finally, he explains the pain points that Sphere Payments aims to address.

In this conversation, Arnold discusses the benefits of using Sphere to simplify crypto payments and integrations. He highlights the challenges of creating an SPL transfer wrapper contract and emphasizes the ease of using Sphere for accepting crypto payments, especially from international customers. Arnold also explains that Sphere is a suitable solution for businesses that want to handle their finances in a crypto-based world. He mentions the ability to accept payments in fiat and have them land in USDC, as well as the future goal of automating payout processes. Arnold advises listeners to learn from history and consider unconventional approaches to problem-solving. The conversation concludes with plans for future discussions and appreciation for the insights shared.


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