Nautilus: the new Solana developer framework (feat. Joe C)

Solfate Podcast
Solfate Podcast

May 16, 2023

Joe C from Solana Foundation DevRel joins to talk about the Nautilus framework, a new Solana developer framework (written in Rust) he has built in his free time. He describes the idea around this new developer framework that enables Solana developers to spend less time getting up to speed with deeply understanding the Solana development model, and get production ready code out the door.

James talks about the bootcamp he has been running as part of NAS Academy. Nick and Joe reveal the pirate theme for the upcoming Solana bootcamp in NYC.

Joe shares how he started his programming journey and actually got hired for his first developer job (while he transitioned from running his own landscaping business). Including the way he personally learned to code and why he started creating Solana development videos on YouTube.

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