How the Helium network migrated to Solana (feat. Noah Prince)

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Solfate Podcast

Apr 10, 2023

For this special episode, we are joined by Noah Prince. One of the Solana devs behind the massive effort of migrating the Helium Network to Solana.

Noah shares some of his background and how his brother, founder of Metaplex, convinced him to start developing on Solana.

He also shares a high level, but still technical overview of how the Helium network works. From the oracles to physical hotspots as compressed NFTs.

Noah also explains the process of how the Helium L1 blockchain will be “lazily” migrated to its new home on Solana using compression. Allowing Helium to migrate to Solana in an incredibly efficient and secure way without causing a massive amount of congestion on Solana mainnet.

PS: Huge shout-out to all the Grizzlython hackathon winners, especially our previous guests: Scammo and Qudo, creators of the xray explorer.

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