Phantom's 7M milestone, Colosseum hackathon winners, Gameshift partners with Google

Teague Kaylor
Teague Kaylor

May 10, 2024

Welcome back to this week’s edition of the Solfate Snapshot newsletter, where we’ll be diving into some of the biggest recent updates from the Solana ecosystem over the last few weeks! We’ll be going over multiple product launches, new community milestones, major partnerships, and much more from the Solfate team!

Phantom's 7M milestone, Colosseum hackathon winners, Gameshift partners with Google


Phantom Passes 7 Million Daily Active Users

The most friendly multi-chain crypto wallet built for DeFi & NFTs, Phantom have had explosive success. They have recently hit a massive milestone of over 7,000,000 monthly active users! This marks a huge win for the Solana ecosystem’s growth as a whole, and we are excited to watch the continued growth.

Podcast: Thorsten and Luzid Test Validator

We’ve had some great conversations recently through the Solfate Podcast with multiple founders and builders in the Solana ecosystem. Be sure to check out the latest episode podcast from Solfate, as we hit the milestone of our 50th episode!

Luzid Validator: Solana Test Validator on Steroids with Thorsten

Gameshift x Google Cloud

Solana Labs has recently announced a partnership with Google Cloud to bring the Gameshift platform to their customers, allowing game studios and developers to utilize Gameshift to experiment with the integration of digital game assets and user-generated content into traditional Web2 games.

According to a tweet by Gameshift, a number of game studios built on the Google Cloud are interested in working with digital assets, yet the technical complexities continue to be a massive barrier to more widespread adoption. By introducing the Gameshift platform to these studios, developers will have an all-in-one platform to enhance their games with Web3 experiences.

Renaissance Hackathon Winners

The Renaissance global online hackathon marked the 9th official Solana Foundation hackathon, and this one powered by the team at Colosseum. The Solana hackathons continue to be a pillar of creative development in the Solana ecosystem, marking the beginnings of some of the most used protocols in the industry today.

The Renaissance Hackathon saw submissions from a total of 95+ different countries building across the areas of Infrastructure, Gaming, DePIN, DAOs, DeFi and Payments, and Consumer Applications. There was a total of 8,300+ participants with a total of 1,071 final project submissions, making this the largest online Solana hackathon to date. Here are the winners of the various prizes:

Grand Prize

Ore - A novel digital currency allowing users to mine $ORE utilizing a PoW algorithm

The winners of the unique categories:

Consumer Applications



DeFi & Payments


DAOs & Communities

Franklin Templeton Digital Assets Report

A recent perspective report was released by the Franklin Templeton Digital Assets Report covering Solana and its resurgence post-FTX.

With a very positive outlook on the future of the Solana ecosystem’s growth, read the full report here.

Cupcake Launches New Beta

The gamified social platform Cupcake recently launched its new beta product, a game platform allowing users to interact with crypto culture through a wide variety of familiar party games. With a new take on Web3 SocialFi, Cupcake looks to onboard new users into the Web3 space through fun, gamified experiences.

Cubik Launches iceSOL

The team at Cubik recently announced the launch of $iceSOL in partnership with Sanctum, their new liquid staking token focusing on funding public goods on Solana.

Learn more about iceSOL, Cubik, and Sanctum in the announcement here.

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