Scaling the Solana Hackathons (w/ Matty, co-founder of Colosseum)

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17 days ago

A conversation with Matty, the co-founder of Colosseum and former Head of Growth at the Solana Foundation.

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Scaling the Solana Hackathons (w/ Matty, co-founder of Colosseum)


In this conversation, Nick and Matty discuss the Solana Global Hackathons and the launch of Colosseum. Matty shares his background in crypto and how he got involved with the Solana ecosystem, starting at Solana Labs and then to Solana Foundation.

They explore the unique structure of the Solana Global Hackathons, which focus on driving long-term sustainable startups in the ecosystem. Matty explains the decision to leave the Solana Foundation and start Colosseum as an independent organization to build a product specifically catered to running hackathons.

Nick and Matty Tay discuss the Colosseum accelerator program and venture fund, which invests in the top teams from the hackathons. Matty covers the terms and requirements for Colosseum funding, including the 7% equity stake and the remote nature of the accelerator program. They also highlight the value of the network and mentors provided by Colosseum. Matty Tay explains the importance of having a strong idea and a well-structured pitch in order to win a Colosseum hackathon. He also shares tips for creating a compelling submission video. Finally, they discuss their excitement for projects that utilize token extensions and open up new markets in the ecosystem.


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