Building Mycelium, the Integrated DePIN Testbed (feat. Rishi, founder)

Solfate Podcast
Solfate Podcast

Feb 13, 2024

A conversation with Rishi, the founder of Mycelium Networks.

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Building Mycelium, the Integrated DePIN Testbed (feat. Rishi founder of Mycelium Network)


The conversation covers the background and journey of Rishi in the crypto and DePin space, specifically focusing on the Helium IoT network. They discuss the concept of decentralization and the efficiency of the IoT network compared to traditional networks. Rishi explains the business model of Mycelium Networks and how they earn rewards through their infrastructure. They also highlight the importance of the testbed and attracting users to test and develop new use cases on their network.

This conversation with Rishi from Mycelium covered various topics related to expanding the physical nodes for coverage, challenges in conversations with property owners, the unique host network model, shielding hosts from crypto volatility, the innovative approach to host acquisition, the importance of increasing options in the test bed, the significance of Solana for DePIN, and the inspiration to get involved with DePIN.


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