Jupiter Swap and the $JUP token on Solana (feat. Siong, co-founder of Jupiter)

Solfate Podcast
Solfate Podcast

Jan 02, 2024

A conversations with Siong, co-founder Jupiter Swap.

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Jupiter Swap: the most popular swap aggregator on Solana (feat. Siong, co-founder of Jupiter)


The conversation covers the background and journey of the Jupiter swap aggregator, a popular defi protocol in the Solana ecosystem. It starts with the early days of Solana with the launch of Mercurial finance and eventually Jupiter. Our discussion also highlights the scaling and optimization of Jupiter's infrastructure, its user base, and revenue model. Finally, we explores the timing of Jupiter's token airdrop and the market excitement surrounding it.

In this conversation, Siong, co-founder of Jupiter, discusses the growth and revenue of the business, the token launch and community involvement, the goal of the JUP token, engaging the community with tokens, scaling challenges and user growth, and the power of governance tokens.


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