Uncovering the new SolanaFM explorer (feat. Nicholas Chen, co-founder of SolanaFM)

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Solfate Podcast

Oct 17, 2023

A conversation with Nicholas Chen, co-founder of SolanaFM.

Alpha alert: Nicholas Chen shares a screencast of the new version of SolanaFM. The first public view of it first around! Find the video on our YouTube channel here.

SolanaFM is one of the most popular block explorers in the Solana ecosystem. They are well known for their “visual explorer” that allows even the least technical people clearly see how tokens and funds flow through a transaction on the Solana blockchain. Not to mention they have been around in the ecosystem for longer than most!

Nicholas Chen and the team at SolanaFM have been cooking up some big changes for the site. After taking in so much feedback from the community, they have have rebuilt and rewritten most of their website to give an even better user experience, including more clear “what happened in this transaction” and “why did this transaction fail” type of information. They have big plans on how to us machine learning and social interactions within the explorer to take it to the next level.

In this episode we also talk about:

Note: Even though SolanaFM owns a domain TLD for “solana”, they are not a part of the Solana Foundation or Solana Labs.

Find Nicholas Chen and SolanaFM online

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