What does it take to run a blockchain school? (feat. Jeff from Web3 Builders Alliance)

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Solfate Podcast

Sep 05, 2023

The Web3 Builders Alliance (WBA for short) is a white glove developer school, focused on blockchain. The people focking ship. How? Because they are all about the people.

Co-founder of the Web3 Builders Alliance, Jeff (aka @japarjam), shares his background of not only coming from outside the tech industry as a traditional educator, but also his experience with cancer.

We talk about how the cadets in each WBA cohort have to prove themselves in a few different ways: from simply showing up every day, to their initial screening process. Participants will attend 1 of the 2 sessions a day, spaced 12 hours apart to support builders around the world. Having already completed 2 cohorts, with 11 projects shipped in the first cohort (including 5 global Solana hackathon submissions, they recently started their third cohort.

Aside from their clear capability to get code shipped during each cohort (11 projects and 5 hackathon submissions during cohort 1), Jeff and WBA are also cooking a few new opportunities for their graduates.

The new “Artisan group” is a small group of WBA graduates that are teaming together for employment by the WBA. These select individuals are going to continue to work together after completing their cohort to continue to build projects for the rest of the Solana ecosystem as part of the new WBA dev shop.

The Artisan group already have a few very cool products they are working on.

Find Jeff and the Web3 Builders Alliance online

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