Only Possible on Solana: Product ideas and hackathon (feat. Mert)

Aug 08, 202353m 49s

Host of the Solfate Podcast


Host of the Solfate Podcast

As our first repeat guest, Mert joins to kick off the Only Possible On Solana hackathon that he is spearheading from within the Solana community. This community driven hackathon is being orchestrated by LamportDAO, an open discord community of builders in the Solana ecosystem.

The idea is simple: encourage people to build cool and interesting products using the unique tech that is either Only Possible on Solana (aka OPOS) and get them paid for it.

Some of the OPOS tech includes:

  • state compression
  • compressed NFTs
  • Solana Pay (aka QR code based interactions)
  • Solana Mobile Stack (aka SMS aka some of the Solana phone tech stack)
  • fast transactions, low costs
  • and so much more

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