a lost episode and a personal hackathon for James?

Jan 23, 202326m 47sec
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Host of the Solfate Podcast


Host of the Solfate Podcast

James and Nick talk about ordering their Saga phones, including the Saga cards airdrop. They explore the idea of digital collectibles over time and how business may use them to entire consumers down the line.

The gents talk multi-chain and the Phantom wallet, then Nick baits James into a personal hackathon by first offering him $BONK to ship a mobile app within 2 weeks of getting his Saga phone. James refuses the $BONK offer but counter requests a Solana Spaces NFT from the drip.haus airdrops.

PS: After getting rugged on the first try recording THE ENTIRE EPISODE, Nick and James recorded an entire new episode for this week. You may notice some mentions of that throughout the episode :)

Huge shout out to Jeffrey Ando (@ser_ando) for the amazing AI generated cover art!

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