Head of Developer Ecosystem at Solana Foundation (feat. Chase Barker)

Solfate Podcast
Solfate Podcast

May 30, 2023

The Head of Developer Ecosystem at Solana Foundation, Chase Barker, joins to share thoughts on blockchain developers in the community. And his thoughts about what can be done to get more quality Solana developers.

Chase shares his background on how he actually got his job within the Solana ecosystem.

He shares how the idea of chewing glass has shifted from it nearly being a requirement to build on Solana, to now where a smaller hand full of people are chewing glass. Mostly those building the super low level systems. The composability of Solana has grown so much, often times developers never really need to touch rust code to build strong applications. All frontend and Javascript.

PS: Did you know Chase worked at Circle for a few days?

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